Slow startup don't know why


Running the current version of Retroarch on Windows 10 and I’ve got a weird problem. Any time I start RA it opens very slowly, probably about 8 seconds, and has what looks like a frame-by-frame fade in. When I start with a game from LaunchBox (and I know it’s definitely not LB causing this problem. It happens when I bypass LB completely) it hangs on a black screen with the message “core remap file loaded” for just as long before it moves on to the next message (usually the controller or retro achievements). This isn’t impacting the gameplay it only slows down launching the program but it’s a pain and I’d love to resolve it. Can anyone offer any help?


Did you ever come across a solution for this? I’m finding this only happens on one of my screens and not the other - never had this problem until 1.7.2 and higher.


I have the same problem but only when I use the gl video driver, If I use directx 11 everything is fine.


Anyone know a fix to this yet?


If I remember right, the issue ended up being that I had GPU scaling set to ON in my GPU’s control panel.