Small issue with XMB new release 1.15 (windows)

Hope this is the correct section.

I found this small issue with the new release, I’m on Windows x64, XMB menu driver.

So, I try to explain: while navigating the menu, Icons enlarge when selected, in this screen I’m on “Settings” and the Icons with the cogwheels correctly enlarge.

However, after opening and then closing a content the enlarging animations stops and it remains “stuck” on the last Icon selected before launching a content, in this case was the History tab even though I’m currently in the Settings tab

I test this on my current set up and also on a fresh install. The only thing I changed in the fresh install was setting full-screen and, obviously, XMB as menu driver.

ah, yeah, looks like a bona fide bug. Would you mind opening a ticket here?

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