SNES Blargg NTSC Filters

Does the Blargg filter respect the video output of the emulator (256px, 320px etc)?

respect? If you mean adjust to it, no, the cpu filter doesn’t, though it looks like it should, based on the code… The ones built into the cores do, AFAIK.

What’s the problem on the Flatpak package? Mind making an issue over at 2 ?

I’ve just created the issue. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I meant “adjust”.


So what should I do next? I’m happy to make a bounty for Blargg filters to be added to Snes9x, though I think I’d really like to see it in the bsnes core/s, more than anything.

I think the bsnes cores are going to be harder, since bsnes/higan loads them as dynamic libraries at runtime. So, we’ll have to statically link it in and then add an option to access that codepath. Not impossible, but more difficult than just exposing an option for an existing capability. Starting with mainline Snes9x is probably the easiest way.

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Okay, then. I’m glad to hear it might be possible for bsnes in the future, as that’s the emulator I prefer, overall, even if it’s too demanding for the Pi. How would I go about making a bounty for Snes9x and what do you think might be a reasonable amount?

First you make an issue on the github repo then go over to bountysource and find the issue there and put a dollar amount toward it. Most people start with $10-15.

I shall do just that, then. Thanks for helping out a noob. Haha

Bounty is up. We’ll see what happens, now. Thanks again, hunterk!


I’m not sure that there is much activity on the snes9x issues page. Is there anything I can do or is it just a matter of waiting to see if someone eventually takes an interest? Of course I’d be most interested in having the filters added to bsnes, anyway, but it sounds like that would be a lot of work. Any ideas?