SNES ROMs from No-Intro set being put into a "Hacks" playlist

Hello, I’m having an odd issue where after scanning my SNES ROMs, they are being put into a playlist called “Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Hacks” with an alternate region code scheme (e.g. (U) instead of (USA))

These ROMs are from the No-Intro set and previously were put into the proper “Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System” playlist but after re-installing and updating retroarch about a week ago (for unrelated reasons) I’m now getting this strange behavior. This obviously isn’t a huge issue as the games still load fine but it’s a bit annoying as none of the boxart thumbnails will display next to the games.

Has anyone else run into this issue or have any idea what may be causing it?

It’s a known issue but should be resolved in the latest nightlies/databases.

Update your databases in the online updater and delete/rescan or just rename the ‘hacks’ playlist to remove the word ‘hacks’ and it’ll find the icons/thumbnails/whatever.

I tried updating the databases through the online updater and deleted/rescanned the ROMs but I’m still having the same issue. Renaming the playlist and the names of the games within it does seem to get the thumbnails to appear though at least.

these hacks are based from goodsnes sets( unless someone did accept a recent PR that had massive translations/hacks in them) it should be easy to separate the “hacks” if this was a goodtools set(snes/nes/fds and others)

In my case, scanning file-by-file generates the No-Intro named playlist. Scanning by directory creates the GoodSNES/Hacks playlist.

Tested with the latest database yesterday, roms zipped.

I had a similar problem it seems to be some bug with scanning into subdirs… If you have a roms directory and your SNES dir is inside, try instead pointing the scanner at the SNES folder directly, scanning only files. So scan one folder at a time, don’t let it scan a directory containing subfolders.

For me this worked and I could queue up multiple folder scans, just press “Scan this…” then browse to the next dir and “Scan this…” then repeat for all the folders you want to scan. It’s a bit more work if you have many folders but you don’t have to wait for each scan to finish, if it’s already busy scanning it will queue up scans. Hope this helps!