SNES Super Scope games and Mario Paint on Nvidia Shield TV

I want to play Mario Paint or any game with Super Scope support with a mouse. I played around with some options on some core’s, but nothing seems to work. I’m using the Shield TV.

Any ideas, tips??

I would like to know for any version of Retroarch as I can’t figure it out

I just tested these instructions with snes9x (current):

For Mario Paint, go into quick menu > controls and change the port 1 device type to SNES Mouse. That’s it.

For Super Scope games, go to quick menu > controls and change the port 2 device type to Super Scope. Then go to settings > input > port 2 binds and scroll all the way down to the bottom where you see ‘gun’ inputs. You can bind the trigger to left-click and the other inputs wherever you like.

These processes can be complicated by the fact that Android doesn’t seem to recognize all keyboards and mice as keyboards and mice.

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Thanks @hunterk for Instructions but when I do that the Mouse(Maybe also the Shooter Cursor) does not line up with my Mouse. How can I fix that Problem?

If you’re in fullscreen, you can hit F11 to hide/capture the mouse. It’s still very sensitive on my machine, but it at least doesn’t have a second cursor flying around.

Just make sure you don’t have the mouse and super scope both enabled at the same time or it will trap the mouse in the middle of the screen.

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I googled about Changing the SNES Mouse Sensitivity on Retroarch and seems at moment there is no way of doing it Sadly in Retroarch

@hunterk pressing F11 made it lot better as did not have the 2nd Cursor to Confuse me