Snes9X core use HLE co processor is accurate?

Core Snes9X was added option to enable “HLE co processor emulation”. What does that feature ? add accurate emulation or speed up emulation ? Not happen issues with Speedy Gonzales ?

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The co-processors it’s referring to are the special chips included in some carts. HLE (high-level emulation) is what they’ve always had, while LLE (low-level emulation) uses dumps of the chips to more accurately emulate their behavior at the cost of higher resource usage.

I don’t think Speedy Gonzalez is affected, as I don’t think it has any special chips. The issue with it is a more general accuracy thing, which I think has been fixed in the past few years.

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Sluffy made a patch for Speedy Gonzales fixing a game breaking issue when playing in inaccurate emulators.

This patch is not needed if you use Higan or BSNES cores.

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