Snes9x,genesis plus gx and final burn neo slowndows on PlayStation 3

I want to report on the following issues with certain retroarch ps3 emulators, which are in snes9x 1.58 with slowdown issues in FX chip games where they run between 53 to 60 fps; And in the next emulator is genesis plus gx 1.7.4 which has slowdown issues in Virtua racing, the game runs around 54 to 60 FPS; and last is the final burn neo that has problems running cps 3 games in fullspeed … if anyone can pass on to developers these problems in advance thank yo

Those things can’t really be fixed. For SuperFX games, you should probably use Snes9x2010, which was created to address hardware constraints on PS3 and Wii.

Similarly, I believe FBA2012 might treat you better on CPS3.

Just do not understand why PlayStation 3 even with much higher hardware than Wii still has these problems in these emulators that I mentioned …

PS3 is only marginally faster than a Wii for general processing. The main PPC core has performance roughly comparable to a Pentium 3 800 mhz.

The Wii version is miraculously making a 1.52.4 core with compatibility close to the latest 1.60 versions and with the same lightness, can the developers do the same on the ps3 version?

I’ve never had a particularly favorable opinion of Snes9x GX. It has a nice UI but its framepacing is and was pretty bad. One of the main reasons why I wanted RetroArch on Wii to begin with. But if people still want to make forks of that, I see nothing wrong with it. But it’s mainly backporting stuff from Snes9x 2010 in the end and I feel that I don’t really see the point of doing that if you can just use RetroArch anyway.

Regardless, we don’t like these kinds of posts - ‘what about this? did you know about this’. You should simply continue using Snes9x 2010 on PS3 for RetroArch purposes, Snes9x mainline is not going to be running every game without slowdowns on it, the emulator has gotten slower since 2010. PS3 like hunterk says has a very weak main processor that is barely any faster than a Wii for single threaded workloads.

Maybe with the frameskip core option, there is not much that can be done if your cpu isn’t powerful enough (not interested in implementing a faster SH-2 cpu core, the current one is fast enough for modern platforms). Otherwise, fba2012 should be fairly faster (and buggier) than FBNeo for cps3 emulation.

And in the case of Virtua Racing on Genesis plus gx would it be possible to fix the slow issue? Thank you very much in advance.