Snex9x back to old version

Is there any reason why the Snes9x went back to the version from 2 months ago? (1.61 ad89b7ac) I only see the description “Sync to upstream” but we have version 1.62.3 for a long time

Today’s Snes9x update is a year ago version

Something strange is happening with the updates of this core, or it’s a bug.
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ah, weird! I’m looking into it now.


ok, looking into it, it’s not an old version, it’s just cherry-picked fixes that are old but weren’t included at the time for whatever reason.

The libretro core isn’t run in lockstep with upstream, so the histories have diverged quite a bit.

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You can get the Updated Core from the SNES site/github


Though it should be done Automatically thru Retroarch

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The Updated Version was up but now its Changed back to 1.61 Core

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In the Snes9x history for the libretro core, I don’t see a 1.62.3 version anywhere. It looks like it doesn’t exist at all, but I’m no expert:

However, we had the latest version for about 2-3 weeks (and it was downgraded to 1.61) I guess someone didn’t notice that there is a version 1.62.3 and adds fixes to the old version 1.61 :slight_smile: Unless I’m wrong… I’ll try to ask @bearoso what’s going on.
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I don’t think bearoso keeps up with our fork’s comings and goings. It’d be ds22x who handles syncing/cherry-picking. You could open an issue on the libretro snes9x fork repo if you like.

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I already asked him and he replied

Because it’s easy enough to implement and won’t impact an eventual resync.

Gone back to 1.62.3 version

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