Solar sensor doesn´t work on mgba core

Is there a way to make it work? i have tried all levels 0-10 and nothing.

Does it work in the stand-alone mGBA emulator? Also, do the buttons for changing the solar sensor value work? (L3/R3 by default, I think.)

Yes, it does with the stand alone mGBA emulator, but when i play it with the core in retroarch nothing happens even the L3/R3 thing seems to not wanting to work.

I am also finding that the solar settings for mgba when being loaded from the libretro core do not appear to working.

Details: retroarch version is 1.10.3 mgba core version is 0.10-dev 5d48e07

Things I have tried so far:

  • changing the solar sensor level under Core Options > Input & Auxiliary Devices to a number higher than 0 (this did not work)
  • using the default hotkeys (L3/R3) to darken and lighten the virtual sensor (this did not work)
  • testing the standalone version of mGBA to make sure it works there (it does work on the standalone emulator version 0.9.3)

Has anyone been able to find a solution for this?

For now using VBA-M core works as an alternative option but I would prefer to use mGBA for everything if possible.

Thank you for any help