[SOLVED] I don't know how to run Naomi games (Flycast/Reicast)

EDIT: It was just a bad rom. I downloaded the actual latest romset and it worked like a charm. I was just confused about the Mame nomenclature at first.

Lately I decided to try to emulate the arcade version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, as well as SFA3 Upper. I downloaded the core and got the roms, but they don’t run on neither Reicast nor Flycast (still not sure what the difference between the two is). If I try loading the .zip files I get the standard “failed to load content” error, and trying to open the .dat files that are inside the .zips tells me to switch to the Mame romset or expect issues. I’m confused though, aren’t Mame and Naomi different emulators altogether?

I did download the bios and renamed the “epr-21576g.ic27” file to “naomi_boot.bin”, and placed it on the dc folder under system.

Thanks in advance for any help.