[Solved] Make RetroArch offer compatible cores when opening Content

Hi there,

I usually build my RetroArch on GNU/Linux systems and I have notice that my builds don’t offer compatible cores when I try to open content, while RetroArch in Lakka, for example, does.

I am building RetroArch with the --enable-retrodb config option, since I have personal notes where I say that retrodb is the key feature for this, and I have also copied over the contents from rdb in the libretro-database to my database dir in ~/.config/retroarch/database/rdb

Still, my RetroArch build won’t offer me the compatible cores when I try to load a content.

AFAIK, the suggestions are all based on the info files’ list of supported extensions.

Where can I find that? I just don’t understand what you mean, sorry if I sound dumb…

So it’s NOT related to retrodb?

If you have the info files, which are available from the libretro-super repo or the online updater, you just need to make sure in settings > directory that you have an info directory pointing to the files. It’s what gives the cores the fancy names (like Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (FCEUmm) instead of fceumm_libretro.so) and determines which files show up in the file browser (if you have the ‘filter by extensions’ option enabled) and which cores are suggested.

Ah! I understand now. You are always very helpful to me, Hunterk! :slight_smile:

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