[solved] swanstation + 8bitdo pro2 defaulting to "digital" controller

Heya guys,

I have an 8bitdo pro2 controller. It’s analog, with rumble. I’ve set the drivers (input + controller) to “sdl2” (although this happens in ‘udev’ too)… I’m preferring this since it shows the controller as an “xbox one wireless” (and so the autoconfig is picked up just fine).

My problem isn’t that the controller isn’t “working”… My problem is that the controller always is digital, even though it’s an analog controller. I thought setting the core setting to “force analog mode on reset” would actually do what it says (force it)… But nope, the actually controller setting higher up sets it to digital, and this section is then invisible (and detaches the controller from the core).

I’ve spent an hour searching online for any mention of this weird “default to digital” issue, and if there’s any way to set the default to “analog” or “dualshock”. I’ve scoured the config files, web sites etc. Is there any config anywhere to force retroarch to default to analogue (and I can always revert back to digital by pressing L1+R1+L3+R3 as the description in the core menu indicates) if I need to (just like the actual PSX dualshock controller defaulted to with the button + LED).

So the configuration is as follows (through GUI): settings: drivers-> input = sdl2 drivers-> controller = sdl2 input->port 1 controls->analog to digital type = left analog input->port 1 controls->device index = xbos one wireless controller quick menu->controls->port 1 controls->DEVICE TYPE << this is the one that doesn’t allow me to set “dualshock” as default and always goes back to “digital” quick menu->options->port settings->controller 1 force analog mode on reset = on

Those are all the settings I can find on the controller side of things.

Any suggestions / thoughts?

– old486whizz

Possibly answered my own question while “mucking about”. I found that “remap” saving can actually fix the issue (although deleting the files resets your current running config which shouldn’t be correct). Turns out the config setting within the remap config file is “input_libretro_device_p1” - which needs to be set to “261” (the default is “1”)… What is 261? Dunno… Where is the retroarch documentation on this setting? … Nowhere.

I did find this other forum link which mentions my found setting - but again nothing really about it (saying this setting is the “device type”, and that different values will do different things, what those values are, etc).

Basically I’ve been able to change the setting to analog, and save the remap as a “core” override… Meaning that games opened with the core have it set (meaning SNES or other cores will not, which is a ‘good thing’).

I’ll mark this as solved. I won’t go too in depth since the linked post has that, but some keywords to help: dualshock digital default override rumble force feedback disconnected port gamepad device type

– old486whizz

This is the setting for a DualShock controller, which can also be set in the remap menu. So strictly speaking there is no need to know the number (i.e 261) since the description in the GUI is there.

It might seem unintuitive (I wouldn’t disagree) but this is how you are ‘supposed’ to configure the gamepad type (with remap files).

This also applies to other cores like PCSX ReARMed and if I remember correctly Genesis Plus GX also has some other gamepad types available.

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