[Solved]Vulkan backend but without slang support?

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That’s the question: is slang support mandatory for the Vulkan backend? Since slang stuff is cpp instead of plain C, it’s slower to build, but I have tried building RA with the vulkan backend without having the slang dev packages installed (glslang-dev glslang-tools spirv-tools), and it fails.

So, is glslang mandatory for Vulkan? I seem to remember reading that the Vulkan backend also supports the classic glsl shaders, so I am confused.

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No, vulkan doesn’t support the old GLSL shaders. Technically, glslang allows the slang shaders to be recompiled into pretty much anything, including old GLSL, but we don’t do that.

However, yes, vulkan requires glslang because it translates shaders (of all sorts, not just postproc) into SPIR-V, which can then be consumed by vulkan.

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Nice, I understand. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, hunterk :slight_smile:

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