Some buttons from a retropad get misconfigured running MAME

Hi, I am using Lakka in a Raspberry Pi 3+ with retropads (SNES style, chinese cheap copy)

Everything worked fine until I executed a ROM that make use of 6 buttons or more, like Streetfighter II. Lakka (2.3.2) recognizes both controllers right after plugin them in. Every thing seems ok, but once I go to the game there are two buttons that dont work at all in one of the controllers. I have 4 controllers of the same type so I double checked it by using any other. Same result, there is always a controller with 2 buttons disabled, even though are properly configured in Lakka.

Any idea of what could be happening?

I’ve heard this reported before but haven’t been able to reproduce it. Does it occur in all games? is it the same buttons every time? If so, can you tell me which retropad buttons aren’t responding? Also, which core is it, specifically? mame2003-plus?

I tried with Street Fighter II and III zero and the result is the same usin mame2010 in both cases. The second retropad has two keys that they dont work A and R button (shoulder). I also observed that the combo I configured using the option menu “Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo” Start+Select only works in the retropad that all buttons work fine. I guess the issues could be related some how. I also detected that the hotkey combo is reset to L3 + R3 , I could not reproduce it but I set the hotkey often for now. When using 2003-plus the behaviour is also very weird. All buttons work as expected but the pads (boths) are not working at all, in any direction. The toggle combo only works in one pad as well. :confused: