Some Flycast questions

Hello. So I found out today that as a Gsync user I cannot run Demul. So as a result I have switched to Flycast on my arcade machine.

Does Flycast have the ability to use 2 light guns at once?

Also are controls hooked up for 18 Wheeler?

Well, I’m impatient lol and went ahead and messed around with this for the night to get my own answers.

Duel light guns on Naomi work, even though I could not find any answers on this on google. The only problem is One of the core options to set different aiming cursor colors to each lightgun doesn’t seem to work. Like I have my p1 cursor set to blue, and my p2 cursor is supposed to be red. Both always stay blue even though the guns are completely independent to each other. Not a big deal though.

And 18 Wheeler works fine.

This core has the power to surpass Demul, many thanks to the people who worked on it. Everything I’ve thrown at it I was was running in Demul runs perfect in Flycast. For such a young core I wouldn’t of thought this stuff would work.

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