Some folders not are required for Linux version?

I see some folders /retroarch/assets/pkg/wiiu/ /retroarch/assets/pkg/ /retroarch/assets/switch/ /retroarch/autoconfig/parport/ /retroarch/overlays/wii/

The folders above are really required to run Retroarch Linux version or are only for console wii and switch ? Thanks for reply.

All of the assets and overlays are optional, you just may not see some icons if you delete the wrong thing. RGUI menu doesn’t require any of them, though, AFAIK, and you can always just refetch the assets if something is missing.

The files are related with Retroarch console version ?

yes, but sometimes things get used in other places rather than duplicating. It’s not a big deal if you delete something, though.

Thanks very much trying help to avoid doing possible wrong actions. I wish for you an nice week.

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