Some issues with 1.10.3 on MacOS 12.4

Just downloaded and installed RetroArch 1.10.3 and have been trying to get it configured and setup and have run into a couple issues.

  1. When launching RetroArch it always opens in the background with the last window index (last entry in application switcher). I couldn’t find any way to affect this in the settings, but running in fullscreen mode does work to bring it to the front, and I can then exit fullscreen mode using the hotkey, but I would prefer for it to start in windowed mode and just come to the foreground.
  2. No matter what I do RetroArch complains about missing assets and tells me to run the Online Updater, which I do successfully, which results in the same message popping up. It doesn’t tell me what assets are missing but the assets folder (~/Library/Application Support/RetroArch/assets) is full of directories that are full of files. Is there a way to tell what is missing or what might be causing certain assets RetroArch expects to not be extracted from the assets package downloaded by the Online Updater?