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Was thinking of Libretro X Flashpoint, INTV Funhouse, Myirent, Internet archive, GameTDB, hshop, Mariocube, Wiilink, Lost media wiki, TCRF, TV tropes, Shadowlord inc, AVID wiki, TVARK, XliveLessNess, Satellazone, Sudomemo, Wiimmfi, Kaeru gallery and wfc, Openspy, Kaerutomo, Pretendo (But not plaything), rverse, RPCSN, Destination home, Insignia, Avatar: LOTA’s discord, Arkham revived, Cristian, Project Rome, Amax Emu, PSONE (PlayStation online project), Gameranger, Plutonium, IW4X, NEW club penguin, CNCnet, The crew: Unlimited, V4NGURD, The archstones, Drift City remastered, JFTSE, Dawnshard, Sandstorm, LRv3, PS3: Reborn!, Free realms sunrise, GTA: Connected, entice, GHTV Reloaded, Sunrise, Happy wars hell#revival’s discord, Project lighthouse, MxoEmu, SaveMGO, NFSCO, Most wanted online, soapbox raceworld, Ultima, PSForever, PS Rewired, PSORG, Gocentral, Scared ancaria connection, Hall of meat, SMB35, Tetra starscape, Project paradise 1 and 2, Toontown rewritten, Windicus and EmuVR.