Some Texts and animations from PC 98 games do not appear

(very briefly) I downloaded the retroarch because I knew it had the ability to translate instantly so I went to test (Possessioner PC-98) the problem is that no text appears in the game when I use Neko Project II and Neko Project II Kai by Retroarch but if I use Neko Project 21/W x64 it works without a problem. it gets worse in the game (46 okunen monogatari the shinka ron) because when I try for the same emulators in Retroarch part of the game intro disappears only the sound remains and when the rest of the intro appears there is no text that explains the story.

my computer. operating system: Windows 7 64 bit Processor: amd a4-6300 apu with radeon ™ hd graphics 3.70 Memory: 6GB 2GB shared for video Motherboard: FMA268M-HD + R2.0 Directx: 11.1

any tips on how to solve? another piece of information is that both games are in (HDI) format. I have not yet learned how to use multiple discs (FDD) in retroarch. I also don’t know if it is possible to convert from one to the other

Probably the thing with the missing files in the other thread will solve this problem as well.

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yes after i created the np2kai folder and put the files in. the games worked as they should have didn’t know that one problem was part of the other