Sonic 2 Improvement MOD

Hello Retroarch community hope you are good.

Some great news regarding a patch for the MegaDrive game Sonic 2.

Basically you update the patch into the ROM but unfortunately when you actually patch it, Retroarch dosent add it to the list when scanned? Even if you manually add the .bin file it wont show on the playlist?

We have followed all steps and still having issues. Here is the patch information.

The patch is in IPS format. To apply it, use a program such as Lunar IPS. The original ROM to apply the patch to should be the rev A, or rev 01 of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. If your ROM has the .smd extension, you need a program to convert it to .bin format as the .smd one contains an extra header. After that, to be sure you have the rev A or 01 of the original ROM, you need a program such as RomHasher to determine if the info is the same as that in the Rom/Iso Information field found in the main page for this hack.

This update fixes many bugs including the horizontal scroll on the bottom of the screen in Emerald Hill.

May I ask has anyone managed to successfully patch the file?

Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.

Right, the scanner relies on checksums to identify games, so when you patch a game, the checksum changes and it is no longer recognized.

If you bring up the desktop menu (press F5), you can create/edit playlists by just dragging and dropping.

Hello Hunterk and thankyou for the reply.

This is brilliant, f5 to open the GUI and locate the patched .bin file, it works fantastic.

May I ask we are having trouble importing another patched file which is apparently converting S1 Audio framework to S2 on the original Sonic.

The file does load but its a red screen? I’m not sure if I have installed this one correctly?

This is the link to the Sonic 1 sound mod.

Thankyou very much for your time and hope to speak soon.

Hmm, if it’s not working, it might not have been patched correctly. Does it work in any other cores/emus?

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Thanks for the reply.

We haven’t patched this one, we just added it to the playlist from the download.

Unfortunately I cannot get any old emulator working with modern OS, Retroarch is the only working emulator for us.

I’ll post a thread in the forum regarding this issue.

Thanks again.