Sorting Entries in Playlists

Was creating a playlist/collection of the Mega Man games across multiple systems and can’t get to sort correctly. Even if I use the RetroArch Playlist Editor and sort them manually, when I am in RA they are sorted incorrectly. For example:

Mega Man 5 Mega Man 6 Mega Man 64 Mega Man 7 etc.

Is it possible to sort these entries in any order I wish (with boxart present)? Or am I stuck with this?

As you may have found by now, this has been a top requested feature for literal years with radio silence from the developers about it. I’d accept it as a limitation of the platform and plan to never be surprised by that changing. It’s possible, they do periodically release new menu drivers that coincide with releases to new platforms, but they just never have the option to manually rearrange playlists.

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Thanks for your reply. I was not aware that it was a top requested feature (should have done my homework there). It’s too bad that there hasn’t been any movement on that front, but I guess I can understand that it isn’t exactly a top priority for the devs.

Hopefully we will see this feature included in the future. Thanks again for letting me know.

This is possible, but can be a pain. First and most importantly you need to disable all playlist auto sort and renaming settings in Settings/Playlists. Then you go through and manually add each game how you want it organized in the desktop editor, with each entry added going to the top of the list. If you do one of the import functions, it will resort the list to alphabetical again, so don’t do that.

If you already have a playlist built you can edit the .lpl in a text editor, it’s a basic xml (or something like that) format, by dragging around entries to the desired order. You just need to be super careful to not mess up by only grabbing part of the entry and missing some of the brackets and commas.

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