Sound filter question

Hello. Iam just wondering how the sound filters in retroarch works. What I would like to do is to have a multiband compressor (among other) filter and my question is how this would be possible? I guess I cant just take any vst effect (dll file) from eg FL studio and use? If so, how do I change the parameters then?

Correct, RetroArch uses its own filters libraries. You can customize, mix and match different effects using the *.dsp files (like this one:, which are just plaintext files that tell the filter libraries how to behave.

Ok thank you. Maybe it would be easier if I route the sound thru fl studio if I want some special effects.

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Found this thread while looking for something related to the dsps (solved already by the way). If there’s anything that you are missing from RA audio filters, you can try Viper, @Mickevincent

I succeeded to route it thru fl studio were I can do anything I want with the sound.

Well, thing about Viper is that it’s superlightweight, free, and sounds great. I would still give it a go. It has comp, EQ, 3D/stereo image, reverb, convolver… I combine it with RAs own filters (which I mostly use for custom EQs) and the results are fantastic. Cool that you got the FL thing working anyway.

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I use equalizerAPO, it’s learning curve is a bit steeper but you can code anything out of it. I made Dolby upmixers for ProLogic tracks but also works for stereo tracks

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