Sound Problem on my Switch

Hey Guy’s, i have a Problem witch crackling Sound on my Switch while using Retroarch:

On the N64 Core Games like Mario Kart64 semmes to work properly.

But Games like Mario Party 2 and 3 have Problem swith the Sound. Its crackling and very disturbing.

I tried a Game on the Nintendo DS Core and the Problems here where even worse…

Is there a settings option i can try or what can i do to solve this problem ?


That’s often caused by your device not being strong enough to maintain full speed. In the case of N64, you may need to try some less-demanding settings. For DS, which core are you using? I think melonDS might be a bit faster than Desmume on Switch.

Thanks for your anwser !

I can’t load my game on the melon DS Core. There’s is always an error report that says: Can’t load the content.

To the problem with my N64 Core: Which settings should I lower ? Video, or Audio ?

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