Speed up unoptimized PAL games

I want to create an append config to speed up those PAL games that weren’t optimized so I can play them in the original speed.

I have two question, if I have Vsync enabled how are frames treated for 50 fps games (in a 60Hz Monitor), is it dropping frames (stutter)?

I read here that setting up audio_max_timing_skew to 15 speeds up PAL games to 60 FPS. Is there a way to debug this (output FPS, dropped frames, etc)? I enabled statistics overlay but I still get frame time deviation with this option.

Nevermind, I got it to display the “output” FPS under Onscreen Display -> Onscreen Notifications -> Display Framerate.

Onscreen Display -> Onscreen Notifications -> Onscreen Notifications however (what I had set up) shows the internal framerate (EDIT: for Bettle PSX HW core FPS option). Max Time Skew works as intended, too bad the GUI only allows for a max value of 0.50. It doesn’t work on runtime (ie disabling while in game), you have to get out and restart the game to test the changes.

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