Strange checkered pattern window when running RetroArch on Wayland

Hi there,

I guess I must be one of the first persons to run RetroArch on Wayland, maybe not.

But I have noticed that, contrary to KMS/DRM or X11, a temporary checkered pattern window is created when running RetroArch on a Wayland compositor (tried several of them), which isn’t very nice.

My theory is that the initial RetroArch window is created as a non-fullscreen window, then it’s set fullscreen somehow, but looking at the Wayland context code here doesn’t give me any clues: RetroArch Wayland context code

So, who did the Wayland context code? Is that person still around so I can discuss this with him/her?


I believe maister did most of it and used it quite a bit.

What would be the best way to contact him?

Probably best to just make an issue about it on github.

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Thanks as always, will do so. But I would like to hack the thing myself and maybe maister could give me some hints.