Stuttering snes9x core nintendo switch gl driver

please the core snes9x has stuttering problems in gl driver for nintendo switch, this is an old problem. I don’t know if someone else has reported it … and I opened the issue in git hub, but there are no solutions

Core Retroarch Wii snes9x MSU-1.Killer Intinct MSU-1 (Arcade Mod)

Retroarch Wii performed the Killer Instinct Msu-1 game MODIFIED GAME WITH SNES WITH ANIMATIONS OF THE ARCADE MACHINE ON Wii runs at approximately 45 0 55 fps it is playable BUT IT IS NOT GOING AT NORMAL SPEED.

There are 2 cores for retroarch Wii one as file named: snes9x_libretro_wii.dol in emulator shows it as (Snes9x - Current) Snes9x (1.60 6db918c) the second Core as file is called: cannonball_libretro_wii.dol in the retrorch is shown as cannonball.

The architecture of the Wii is 32-bit Power PC but that doesn’t have much to do with it because I have a 32-bit computer that runs perfectly killer Instinct Arcade in MAME …

Will Speed ​​hacks be required on the retroarch Wii for Wii Core snes9x MSU-1 to run this game 100%?

I can provide the cores and snes game Killer Instinct MSU-1 and the version I use of retroarch Wii to run that game.

The Game I’m talking about for Snes9x MSU-1 is this from the video of the following link:

Snes Killer Instinct MSU-1