Suggestion about individual core options

I’d like to suggest a change in the way core options per game work.

In the core options, you get the ability to save a per-game .opt file that can have different options from the main core.opt. However, unlike other overrides that only save the options that are different, it saves all the available options. That means, if you make a main core option change, it will not affect the games that you have saved a per-game opt. Instead you will have to open them all and edit them so they can all get the change.

Can the per game opt files only save the changed options, just like other overrides do?


I agree, that’s why I don’t use them.

Plus, it could be interesting to “highlight” the game vs core options (could be the same for core vs RA options in a general way)

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I agree, that would be a huge QoL improvement

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Top idea. This has been bugging me for a long time but i never knew how to articulate it properly.

I would also not mind a Easy Way of doing that

I’ll go further and say Core options could work just like all other overrides in RetroArch. As it is now you can only save core options per game or core. But you can’t save core options per directory, in the same way you can for other things like RA configs, remaps and shaders.

As a result of this i had to make different core options for every Game & Watch game because they require a different “boot_from_cli” core option compared to all other MAME roms:

Since i can have these roms in their own folder, i could just make one “Game & Watch.opt” file instead of making one for each game (thankfully there aren’t too many G&W roms). Just like how i made a single “Game & Watch.cfg” override for RA options (so all G&W games can have their own video or audio options)

Question is, is there something that prevents core options to be handled the same way as all other RA options?

Per core? How? I see only Create game-options file in Options
Only in Overrides is the possibility to save game/core/directory overrides

[EDIT] Nevermind, i found the settings: Settings - Configuration - Use Global Core Options File disabled :slight_smile:

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Default Core options are created automatically.

After that, you can only manually save per game, yes.

Edit: Oh yes, you have to uncheck “global core options” like you said, otherwise you get all default core options from all cores in one single file in the root folder (not great). Thank the developers for adding that option recently.

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Is there any chance to see this fixed? .opt files need an overhaul.

Saving core options per game for N64 games is a mess. I need about 100+ different opt files just for the overscan options. That means if i want some other option to be changed as default for all games, changing it on the default mupen.opt file will not affect those 100 games because those 100 .opt files have the old option saved. Instead i will have to open each one individually and edit said option.

If the .opt file only saved the changed options (like how overrides work) this wouldn’t be a problem. Each .opt file would keep the individual overscan options and it would read any other option from the default mupen.opt file. Is this hard to implement?

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