Suggestion: Boxart as xmb content icons

This is one of those things that has proven difficult to google for. I only find people asking about how to get boxart in general.

I’ve been looking for a way to get the boxart to become the actual icon for the content in the playlist, instead of the generic cartridge icon.

I’ve come to believe that this is currently not a feature, but I also think that it’s strange that no one has asked about/suggested this before.

I’ve created a mockup of what I mean below. It’s basically how the PS3 XMB menu worked. The exact scaling/spacing can be discussed of course. This is just to illustrate the point.

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I think the boxart is going to be very small, as of now you can set to have boxarts on the left and a screenshot on the right.

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I think having the logo as an option would be a good idea as well.

i’d love this icons option

the Icons theme is called “Retrosystem”, it should come with Retroarch:

Settings -> User Interface -> Appearance -> Icon Theme -> Retrosystem

So I started to look at this as a possible next item to work on. The trouble as hari-82 points out is the box art would look small and almost illegible. I think the logo idea is a better route. I could see about adding a folder to the download folder and then doing a ROM match like the other art. This may take a while but if there is interest someone will need organize logo collection.

Quick update. Got the default screen shot/Box art to replace icon with simple code hack. Looks like garbage as an icon. Also the dimensions for the different assets make it overlap the next line. That’s out. Will try using the logo art next.


Thanks for taking this on. Having something that’s the not the same image on every entry is an oft-requested feature.

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In Progress preview. Still working on smooth scrolling and setting menu. Then lots of cleanup.

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So quick update. Still cleaning up code. Need to add some menu flags to turn it on and off as well as a selection for type of icon(right now just logos). Need to dive deeper into the net code to see how thumbnails are download as these are mostly treated as a new type of thumbnail. Right now the art is stored in the thumbnail directory, same directory structure, just in named_logo. Could use help collecting logo art. I have mostly just skimmed some art off of Launchbox’s database for the games I have. Max size should be 512 x 512 to reduce the space consumed on the hard drive. Larger sizes still work as all images are resized down on screen. When presented they are just under 256 or almost double the regular icon size.