[Suggestion] - Enable 3DS RetroArch to run as a single application


Currently on 3DS, cores compiled are separated into separate .cia packages to install. Whilst a RetroArch.cia package is provided, it currently crashes on run.

May I suggest a bounty for 3DS to enable RetroArch to run how it does on most other platforms (single application that can download cores within itself).


Do you have a log of the crash? The retroarch CIA for 1.6.7 does work for me, I don’t install all the other cias.

But you have to also copy the retroarch directory from the 1.6.7 zip into the root of the SD card.


So doing some testing this morning. (Test setup is Luma 8.2/B9/11.5/N3DSXL)

1\ RA.cia + Snes 2010 cia install and RA standalone runs (only after a game is run on SNES2010 cia). RA will then load with the SNES2010 core still loaded, and error with Storage Removed if any other core tries to be loaded.

2\ Uninstall SNES 2010.cia and RA black screens. No ARM11 fault is initialised, just a black screen. Couldn’t find a log file in the retroarch directory however.