[SUGGESTION] Haptic Feedback for Touchscreen Controls


Not sure if it’s been brought up before but it would be very helpful to have haptic feedback when using the touchscreen controls on Android, it’s quite awkward to use them when there is no indication a button has been pressed.

Unfortunately I don’t have any money to offer but I hope someone is generous enough to fulfill this suggestion for us Android users.


It’s an oft-requested feature, but it’s harder for us than for most other applications because we don’t use Google’s APIs. The exact same code that runs on every other platform runs on Android.


I wasn’t aware, it’s unfortunate it isn’t easy to implement since it would improve the quality of the Android emulator drastically because as of right now unless you have a bluetooth controller it’s rather awkward to use.


Can we run Javascript? maybe call an external program, e.g chrome or safari to run in the background!?

I know it may sound a bit hacky but this would work for all mobile devices and without writing an API to communicate with the built in hardware.

example code would be:

function Vibrate() { window.navigator.vibrate([100, 50, 300, 100, 50, 300,100, 50, 100, 100, 100,100, 100,300,300]); }

Its a really simple piece of code.