Suggestion on the newly improved cheat system


Hi there,

I’ve just seen the blog article “(Upcoming) RetroArch 1.7.4 – Cheat code searching/creation interface with rumble features”. It looks like an impressive amount of work. The rumble cheats will be a nice addition. I would like to ask/suggest something about this:

-Could it be possible to setup, via config parameter, one single switch to enable automatically all rumble cheats on every game of every system (where a rumble cheat for the given game has been submitted of course)? Would be a nice addition. I guess lots of us would like to use it lika an automatic improvement on all possible games which support it without having to enable the cheat manually.

-With the addition of being able to find cheats directly via retroarch itself, I guess a lot of people is gonna create new cheats for several games. Will it be possible to submit those cheats to the libretro cheat database so anyone else can download these cheats via cheats update?

-You mentioned on the blog article that now the cheats menu will automatically load the cheats database for the running game. This applies only on games when imported to the game database (scanned directories) or will RA be able to detect which game are you running on CRC check, for example? I don’t have my games audited on RA as I use HyperSpin as my launcher.