Suikoden 1 savegame to Suikoden 2?

Is it possible to save the game on memory card form suikdoen 1 and load at the start of suikoden 2?

I think it should work if you just start a suikoden 2 game and save it (just to get the filename) and then rename your suikoden 1 save to overwrite it. Start a new game and it should hopefully see the suikoden 1 save.

I tried this exact method and it works just FYI for anyone reading this after the fact. I was using the PCSX Rearmed core.

or, enable the shared memcard2 option make a save to the the shared memcard2 on suikoden1 run suikoden2 and import save from memcard2

note: memcard2 is a shared save file. every game uses the same memcard2 file