Suikoden II game crashes at a specific Point every time.

Hi there,

I have been using the RetroArch with the PCSX ReARMed core to play Suikoden II. There is a specific battle that I fight (the very first army battle) and when a particular character uses his ranged attack the game crashes and quits.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I’ve played Suikoden 2 from start to finish without any issue. Any specific reason why you’re using PCSX ReArmed over Psx Beetle HW? Back when i played it, I used Psx Beetle HW core which in my opinion is superior to Rearmed.

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PCSX was an emulator I was familiar with so I went with it.

However, nothing seemed to fix the problem so I ended up playing to that same point again using another core and it seems to work fine now.

Probably not worth looking into what the problem was at this point, but in case anyone else has this problem, just use a different core to play the game.

Thanks for the reply.

Could also try Beetle PSX and Duckstation Cores

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I’ve been using the Duckstation Core now and it’s been working well so far. Hopefully I can still import the save file into a PS2 emulator when the time comes.

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Use Beetle SW. All other ps1 cores will give you head aches.

Never Heard of Beetle SW