Super Mario 64 sick of the music!


I enjoyed the music in Super Mario 64, up to a point, but after several hours of hearing the same tunes over and over again I’m sick of them. I’m having to continue playing with no sound at all. I can’t see any audio options in the game itself and RetroArch doesn’t seem to have any for the purposes of turning off just the music so is there a cheat or something? A hack?


Have you tried with a Game Genie / Action Replay code? (i.e. No Music - A031D1AF DDDD)

You can get them directly through RA or the web.


I’d like to add something I’ve been thinking about lately, and it’s pretty much the same you ask about the music, but for other channels too. Basically, my doubt is, can we have sound options to customize the volume so that we can decrease sound effects or music, like we have for more modern games?


First we would need cores to be aware of the difference (cores i maintain are unaware), then we would most likely need separate libretro calls to send music and sfx to the frontend (could also be handled in a hacky way through core options). Honestly it might overcomplicate things.