Super Retro Cade


Anybody see that new plug n’ play device coming out this holiday by Retro Bit? It emulates all sorts of Capcom, Data East, Irem, and Technos arcades as well as some NES and SNES console games. It’s also been shown to emulate consoles that it doesn’t even have games loaded for like Gameboy which is kinda suspicious. Who would make and throw in an emulator that’s not even being used unless they didn’t actually make it. The yellow text that appears at the bottom of screen when loading a save state looks an awful lot like Retro Arch.


Groan, yeah, could be. Do you have a link to any videos showing the yellow text?



That certainly looks familiar… RetroArch is GPLv3, so commercial use is allowed, but it also means they’re required to release source code along with any changes they’ve made (probably zero changes, but who knows).

If does end up being RetroArch, the individual cores have their own licenses, so they’ll have to release source/changes for any GPL cores in use, and let’s hope they’re not using any of the non-comm cores.


what? another ripoff? I think everyone know by now that Retroarch & libretro has been mainstream backend(or whatever you called that) for most cores or emulators to be available to every platform so its it always a suspect for these products to be using ra/libretro and its cores.