Super Scope bsnes HD

How do you use the Super Scope?

I set player 2 to Super Scope, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. It doesn’t even show a reticle.

I’d like play Yoshi’s Safari with a mouse.

yeah, works right away in snes9x. My guess is that it’s just not hooked up in bsnes/-hd beta.

Has a solution been found yet?

Hi! Did you ever find a solution? I have the same problem. With Snes9x the superscope does work, but not with Bsnes HD, and it would be nice to be able to play Yoshi Safari with the HD enhancements.

i think the bsnes hd core never got lightgun features , you can chose super scope cuz the controller input you chose depends on retroarch itself

so the core could support guns but if retroarch don´t has info about that you can´t chose a lightgun or retroarch has infos for lightgun support but the core hasn´t so you can select one but will never work

my guess for the bsnes hd is that RA has the same supported controllers as regular bsnes and just copied the info for each variation of bsnes

but the super scope feature was never added to the core ?

i liked the idea of bsnes-hd and genesis plus gx wide…but the cores aren´t realy up to date , widescrene is quite janky for the most games and besides 2 romhacks for bsnes-hd over the years , the romhacking folks don´t have the intrest for this it seems…i don´t see a future for this (and never gonna get dkc in 16:9)