Support for Atari 2600 Kid's Controller?

Does RetroArch support the Atari 2600 Kid’s Controller? This was only used for specific games so I attempted to remap the controls for just one of those games. I’m new to RetroArch, but my understanding was that each physical button on my controller (Xbox One) can be set to any of the predetermined control buttons that RetroArch supports. The buttons on the Kid’s Controller don’t seem to be one of the options. I’m using the Stella core, does that matter? Any other way to go about getting these games supported?

It would have to be hooked up in the core. I would imagine it probably works in standalone Stella (they support lots of funky input devices, I think), but unless/until someone exposes that to the libretro interface, RetroArch won’t be able to use that functionality.

Stand-alone Stella does support the Kid’s Controller. Darn, that’s too bad. But thanks for clarifying. I’m really impressed with RetroArch so far though. I’m launching it through LaunchBox so maybe I can create a stand-alone install of those few games that need that controller, then launch Stella directly instead of RetroArch…

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yeah, that should work just fine. I’m glad your enjoy RA so far :slight_smile: