Swapping discs on Syphon Filter 2


Please be gentle, I’m new and this is my first post (I’m wearing my special trousers to celebrate!)

As the title suggests, I need to know how I go about swapping discs to continue playing Syphon Filter 2. As I’m using images I’m unsure how to ‘pause’ Retroarch then select a different disc. I start off by running disc 2 but just before the game starts it asks me to insert disc 1, what do I do here?

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This is the documentation for multi-disk games: https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx_hw/#multiple-disk-games

While playing a game, go back into the menu (default keyboard mapping of F1) and then go to quick menu (you should already be there) > disk control.

Not sure how it works for SF2, but I encountered a (known) issue with Fear Effect.

When you eject the disk, you have to resume the game before insert the next disc or the game won’t detect the disk swap and you have to restart the game to retry…

Hi Chaps,

Apologies for my late reply. I tried all the things that were suggested but none of them appeared to work. I got angry and copied over my save file, so I will have to replay the first part again and get back to that section :frowning:

Cheers for your suggestions.