Swapping Ports in C64 VICE CORE?

What is the Xbox Controller hotkey to swap ports for the C64 VICE CORE? I’ve tried every button and can’t get it to work. Some games require PORT 2, so the active port needs to be swapped.

I’m not super-familiar with this core, but I would guess you might need to go into settings > input > port 2 binds and change the device index there to use your gamepad for port 2, as well (or instead)

Thank you! I appreciate it, this works.

Well, I think there might be a much better way to do this. The VICE Core already has an integrated joyport swap function. You can configure it like this:

  1. Open the core options file (retroarch-core-options.cfg)

  2. Set the a hotkey for swapping, in my case I chose “Right Control”:

    vice_mapper_joyport_switch = "RETROK_RCTRL"

    Now you can already swap ports with your keyboard by pressing the right control key (of course you can choose any other key you like)

  3. Now map a button of your gamepad to the same key. In my case:

    vice_mapper_r = "RETROK_RCTRL"

Now you can swap joystick ports “on thy fly” by pressing the right shoulder button. You can map any button you want, for example “vice_mapper_x” if you like to swap using the X button on your gamepad.

If you don’t want to edit the core options text file, you can do the same in the options menu of the VICE core.

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Thank you! This information is exactly what I’ve been looking for!