Switch cores on RetroArch

I know i know don’t look at me like that pleease I know it might be illegal or the RetroArch could get bombarded with lawsuits if it actually happens now but, will we see the day of Switch Cores Emulation on RetroArch i mean, we have amazing Switch Emulators out there such as Yuzu and 2 other which can play many Commercial game as best as they can I mean, i have a Switch but, well, since i’ve built a decent PC in past month i’ve been thinking kinda naughty

Let’s hope we get Ryujinx emulator as soon as possible :smile: https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx/issues/973

I could not find a proper way to post this, so here we go: For anyone struggling to make retroarch latest version work on switch with EXFAT (not fat32) just use the NSP forwarder to retroarch: https://mega.nz/file/n50TQBTL#msVVZt8BOmPbCmjj_fvCVjffaM5_LQkv3o0iT2s0XBA with the nsp forwarder to retroarch i could launch it with no more errors and i could finally run Rock Band Unplugged on Switch - retroarch emulator using ppsspp core the retroarch used was from oficial website: https://www.retroarch.com/index.php?page=platforms just browse to switch platform and select latest version

Other emulators such as ppsspp have less compatibility outside retroarch with retroarch i was able to boot up Rock Band Unplugged that other emulators could not.

So spread the message, retroarch official archives for switch, and a forwarder to boot up retroarch even in EXFAT sd cards.

That means 2 things, retroarch IS COMPATIBLE with EXFAT if using forwarder Retroarch has better games compatibility as of latest version So definetely W retroarch

Spread the message, more people deserve to play games and have fun :slight_smile:

I would recommend someone to post this news to reddit so many more people can view this