Switch - PSX Compatibility List?


I hope I’m at the correct section for this… I’m actually looking for a compatibility list for retroarch on nintendo switch / libnx. Especially a list for PSX titles. Does a list already and exist?

Some Titles I could give some feedback on (RA 1.7.5, nightly PCSX ReARMed core, scph-5502.bin BIOS):

  • Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, PAL, German, SLES-02082) -> Black Screen, won’t start
  • MediEvil (PAL, EUR/German, SCES-01493) -> works fine, just some crackling sound
  • MediEvil 2 (PAL, EUR/German, SCES-02544) -> works fine, just some crackling sound

I’d test more and contribute to that list if it exists :expressionless: or maybe I start my own?

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Here is one I found earlier on.

I’m also trying to get FF8 to load and works, since he won’t have a remaster edition… Since you tested out the german version, I can also say that the French version does not work. i’d like to find some retroarch.cfg file and the retroarch-core.cfg to get FF9 working.

EDIT : After poking around with the config, I finally succeeded at making FF8 works smoothly on Switch! The only thing, it’s the US version of the game. If you’re interested, I can dump you my RetroArch folder with all the config, roms and BIOS I used. Just tell me! :slight_smile:



First at all forgive my bad english, i’ll post the original version of my post under the english one for french users. :slight_smile:

I have some question, especially for the PSX section of retroarch on switch.

PSX Game List :

I download my rom via RomStation software. I use if possible PAL Version of PSX Games, the software download an archive contain .bin & .cue of each game i choose. In retroarch, the Scan directory feature doesn’t work. Like Retroarch can see my games. I tried to update the database (does it usefull for this issue ?) but same thing. I can play my game with load content and go manually through my SD card search my game. What can i do to obtain my list game ?

HotKey / Fast Forward :

I binded Select to be my hotkey and R to be my Fast Forward toogle Key. Even by doing that, i can’t speed up my game. (Tested on FF8 one) Tried to change the Fast Forward speed in settings => don’t work What’s wrong ?

Home button

I use the nro version of RetroArch. When i come back after pushing the home button, it’s like i never launch the game, starting to the beginning. Is it possible to resume a game after press the home button ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Listing jeux PSX :

J’utilise majoritairement RetroArch pour la partie PSX qu’il offre. J’ai crée un dossier roms/psx sur ma SD. Le “Scan Directory” semble ne pas remonter l’ensemble des jeux (format .bin et .cue). Que dois je faire pour qu’il puisse voir ces jeux ?

HotKey / Fast Forward :

Bien qu’ayant bindé ma hotkey sur Select et mon fast forward sur R, impossible de le faire fonctionner in game (toujours sur le core PSCX ReArmed) J’ai tenté de modifier les valeur du Fast Forward en le passant en 10.00x / 5.00x , rien y fait. Que dois je faire ?

Bouton Home :

Il m’arrive, par erreur ou réflexe, d’appuyer sur le bouton Home lorsque je suis sur une partie. De ce que j’en comprend, des lors que nous revenons sur le home, toute partie en cours est perdue. Est ce bien le cas ? Est ce qu’une version nsp permettrait de s’affranchir de ce soucis ?

Hi guys.

Seems like you got the latest version of retroArch and emulators cores…

I want to buy a switch (especially for the old school emulation…) and I would like to know if you tried the latest version of citra with a game like Zelda OFT 3DS Remake - just to know if it works fine

Same for games like Alundra, or Sukoden (old 2D/3DISO Rpgs) on PSX.

I just take a look on PCSX-REARMED for libreto repository and it hasn’t been updated since a few years… Is the retroArch Emulator up to date ?

FF VIII seems to be missing on that list.

It plays perfectly fine with default values.

Final Fantasy VIII NTSC works for me, although it lags in undocked mode unless you overclock to the “maximum performance” docked CPU speed. I am running into a problem where I can’t enter certain towns from the world map though. I was able to enter the first dungeon and beat the boss; however, when I try to go back to the school or the town on the way back, the area loads with the NPCs but neither Squall nor Quistis show up. I can’t seem to find any posts with similar problems so I’m going to try a different ISO image.

Does anyone know where I can download RetroArch cores built for the switch? I’m looking for BeetlePSX.nro and I don’t know where to look for RetroArch cores built for the nintendo switch. BeetlePSX isn’t in the available cores to download through updater app for some reason. I want to see if I can get past this issue using a different core.

I don’t think Beetle-PSX is available for Switch, as it’s barely full speed (and sometimes not even full speed) with 64-bit RetroArch on a Shield ATV, which runs significantly faster than a Switch.

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I thought I read about someone using beetlepsx on the switch but I must be mistaken. Has anyone had a similar problem while using pcsx rearmed on the switch? final fantasy VIII (described in my previous post)? I was really hoping to play through that game again

Im having trouble with brave fencer musashi on switch with core PCSX-REARMED. I’m on retroarch 1.7.7 in the game you have to push square I think fast and it doesn’t pickup all the button pushes. if I count use bios it works just fine but I can’t access the memory card without the bios. I have tried several different bios packs.