SwitchRes issue Stella core

Hi Guys -

So I’m running into an issue with switchres trying to launch Stella. I’m using Win7x64 with crt_emudriver and super resolutions enabled.

Every core works fine but when I launch Stella, an interlaced super resolution gets launched and the OSD changes the refresh rate to 50 hz no matter what game I try. I can’t read anything because the picture is extremely squished and centered in the middle of the screen. I’m forced to quit RA.

Any idea what is causing this?

Sounds like you may be missing whatever resolution it’s looking for.

Hey - according to google, Atari 2600 resolution is 160x192. I have 2560x192 and it works fine; I tested it in ArcadeOSD.

I tried a few other games.

BurgerTime (USA) launches fine. Asteroids (USA) same resolution problem. Air Raid (USA) same problem.

Something is not right. USA ROMs should not cause RA to change to 50hz.

How do I generate an activity log with RA? I want to see what resolution is being called by the core to see what is going on because out of all my consoles I run on my CRT this is the only one I’m having issues with.

Run it from a command line with the --verbose switch or turn on “log to file” in settings > logging (you’ll need to set ‘show advanced options’ to ON in settings > user interface).

Stella 2014 reports 320x210 and Stella (current) reports 320x212 but CRT Switchres uses for width 320 160 without crop and 304 152 with crop, for height uses 224 for NTSC 248 for PAL. At least that’s what I’m getting.

EDIT: Fixed widths

EDIT: After researching, I guess some Atari 2600 titles, even though the region is USA, run at 50 HZ.

The squished interlaced picture happens when I run an Atari 2600 game that needs to switch from 60-50hz and vice versa and my desktop is running an interlaced res as well. If I’m running a progressive res on desktop, switch is fine. Problem is I run Emulation Station as FE and nothing is legible unless I’m on 480i. Like I said before I remember users complaining that switchres does not work right if they are already on an interlaced res. I guess it never got fixed?