Switchres - resolution overrides are not honored

Hi, i am setting up a RA 1.8.1 build on a Sony BVM CRT, but i am having trouble setting the resolutions for PAL games using Mednafen HW. More specifically, i am using non-integer scaling and would like to output PAL games using 288p. However, i cannot get the system to switch to this resolution automatically when launching a game, it always defaults back to 240p (the menu default). Setting the resolution manually to 288p works perfectly, so the mode itself is properly supported.

I tried combining various settings: using an integer Hz, changing the desktop resolution before opening RA, integer_scaling, crop_overscan, video_aspect_ratio_auto, video_force_aspect; but to no avail.

Note that using core_provided probably isnt going to cut it, as the hectic on-the-fly resolution switching on the PS1 causes many graphical issues, most notably that it switches to 240p when outputting 288p PAL content, and upscaling the resolution isn’t a possibility for me without switching to an interlaced signal.

Here is an overview of the game-specific overrides (i verified that the options are loaded), and there is no sensible log at verbose level because there are no reported errors.

aspect_ratio_index = 23
video_aspect_ratio = 8.889
video_scale_integer = "false"
custom_viewport_width = "2560"
custom_viewport_height = "288"
video_fullscreen_x = "2560"
video_fullscreen_y = "288"
video_refresh_rate = "51"

Thanks for your input!

If by “Mednafen HW” You mean the Beetle_PSX_HW core I can tell you that I had heaps of trouble with PAL games using CRTResSwitch. The only thing that made it work for me was turning off the cropping option in the core options menu. After that I suddenly got the resolution working.

I haven’t returned to the issue, but I’m hoping to find a way to have it work with cropping ON as PSX games seem to have a lot of blank space with it off. :frowning:

Turned out to be a modeline problem. Solved! :smile:

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