Sync to content/Sync to refresh improvements

Hy friends,

So, in my on-going search and testing for the smoothest possible experience of playing 60 fps content in 160 hz display refresh rate, i was wondering if Retroarch team could implement an updated Sync to content, (or a separate option), that involves a few tricks to mitigate the judder which is similar to playing 24 fps content on 60 hz screen (like some kind of motion interpolation, pull down, something else…). Obviously it can not be judder free, just smoother.

There’s something slightly different from Sync to Exact content that the mame core does, when Throttling is enabled in Core Options, which smooths out the video amazingly well, while keeping it at its original framerate. If a similar logic would be possible to be added to Retroarch’s Sync to Exact content, it would be absolutely fantastic for all other cores (FBNeo, Flycast, etc) in the context of playing on fast display.

Small related question: I noticed that changing the audio Output Rate to different values from 48000 hz, has a visible impact on the smoothness of the video. 48000 hz is the smoothest, while other values cause a lot of stutter. Can i improve the image further from this area?

Note: while it seems the logical choice, setting the screen to 120 hz does not produce the expected results. 160 hz is much smoother overall.

Thanks so much good people!

Have you tried 120Hz with vsync swap interval 2?

(Also I assume your screen does not support VRR? Because if it does, then you should just use that by enabling it in your GPU driver control panel and then make sure you run RA in non-windowed fullscreen mode. Then you don’t need any tricks like swap interval or anything.)

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It would also be nice for the “sync to exact content frame rate” to have an option to be enabled automatically if gsync/freesync is detected. Or at least if a higher refresh rate is detected.

Toggling it ON and OFF everytime i change screens is not practical enough, especially when i use a gamepad and don’t have enough buttons for the hotkey.

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I did RealN

I detailed in a previous topic that:

  • if i just set it (the screen) to 120 hz and run a 60 frames game, it’s a stuttery mess.
  • if i use the Swap Interval option set to 2, it ndeed works, but the requirements for all content run, doubles, and this makes it unusable for the demanding games in certain cores/drivers, that otherwise run comfortably above full speed (90 - 100 fps).

120 hz with Swap Interval would be an elegant solution if it wouldn’t destroy the performance so drastically. However, 160 hz with whatever trick the mame core does with its Thottling option, is just as good honestly.