Sync to Exact Content Framerate still gives stutters in certain cores

I’m getting what looks like minor tearing and stutter in the Gambatte core even with “Sync to Exact Content Framerate” enabled. Same deal with FreeINTV and I believe a handful of other cores. The C64 Vice core seems to give occasional pops in the audio with it enabled. For reference, I’m using a AOC G2460PG w/ 1st gen G-Sync set at 144hz and in the video_refresh_rate part of the main .cfg to match

Do you have Settings>Video>Vertical Sync enabled?
And no override in nvidia panel (default “controlled by the 3D application”).

I have vsync enabled in RA. As for “override in nvidia panel”, I dunno which option that is. Are you talking about the “Vertical Sync” option in the nvidia control panel?

He wants to know if you’ve set a specific option in the nVidia controler panel which overrides whatever setting is in RetroArch, or if it’s “controlled by 3D application”.

To my knowledge I haven’t done anything like thatimage

Also pardon my pretty belated response. Looking back, I think it was a false positive due to the game in particular, which was Castlevania Adventure 1 which apparently has screen tearing in came which is fucking incredible… That said, some cores seem to be iffy with “Sync to Exact Content Framerate” like C64 Vice and FreeINTV and still need help with these…