Tagline for RetroArch?

So I was thinking, since RetroArch is now on Steam and other major app stores, maybe it could use some catchy tagline to draw user’s attention? You know, something in the line of Apple’s Think different or Nike’s Just do it. A good tagline goes a long way (you wouldn’t believe how much so) and helps build positive associations.

As a fun, creative activity, maybe we should come up with some cool ideas? Who knows, maybe one day the team would decide to use one of them and position it on their store fronts, website, social media.

I think the most appropriate would be It only does everything or The way it’s meant to be played, but those are already taken, lol.

Here are some of my suggestions, just to start the creative juices flowing:

  • The future of retro gaming

  • Your one-stop shop for emulation (might be a bit overused nowadays)

  • Level up your memories

  • The swiss army knife of emulation (I saw it in one of the blog posts, I think it’s very cool)

  • The ultimate retro experience

  • The future of gaming’s past

  • More than you expect

  • The ultimate all-in-one emulator

  • Your games. Just as you remember

  • Your own omniconsole

  • The powerhouse of emulation (“mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” vibes :rofl:)

  • Relive your memories

  • Emulation without compromises

  • Retro gaming with no strings attached

Just think what RetroArch is for you personally and try to wrap it in a few simple words. Keep it factual and not over-promising, yet evoking some positive emotions/associations, maybe some nostalgia vibes. This should be something that appropriately sums up what RetroArch is, so that people would know at a glance what they’re dealing with :wink:

Take it for what it is: a creative pastime activity, not a contest (just to make it clear, there are no prizes :grin:).

What do you think? Fun? No fun? Let’s try it.


Moving foreward into the past


Yes, it is very positive.
Not only the tagline, although rather it has to be a slogan, I think Retroarch needs to improve its full image (corporate identity).


I think it would help as another step to bringing more people to the world of emulation. As Alexb3d says as a slogan, a slogan that will attract more people to emulation. You could make a poll for it down the line.

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When it comes to emulation most people I ask don’t really know about it, despite them playing games. I end up introducing them to emulation by showing them my custom Raspberry Pi 4 unit with the various games and systems, with them ending up gathering some interest in it.

Seeing how flexible Retroarch is with platform and hardware kinda makes it harder for me to choose

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Yep, tagline, slogan, really any short phrase that can be easily positioned and that catches your attention and evokes some nice feelings. With RA and emulation in general I think nostalgia is the key factor, so it’s a good idea to include it (or some similar notion) in such slogan.

Eww, let’s not use such nasty words here :wink::grin:

@Joystick2600 You’ve got point. I also find myself explaining to other people what emulation really is. So I think it would be safe to avoid the word “emulation” or “emulator” in the tagline, just not to scare off the noobs.

Great “rig” BTW :grin:

I see what you did there, Doc :wink:



“Corporate image.” “Corporate identity.” They are not dirty words.
They are inexorably tied to any project, whether or not they want.
If they are used correctly they are extremely positive

Retrogaming enhanced. Definitive retrogaming. Retro. Just better.



I don’t think we need to drop the emulation from it, it would be nice to see people know and embrace emulation.

“Retrogaming Evolved”


I think something akin to an ethos would be more appropriate- something that emphasizes or celebrates the preservation of history. This is an ideal that transcends the nature of corporate entities


Ethos, had time without hearing, though, maybe you wanted to say Pathos. :sweat_smile:

Logos (Logic), Ethos (Credibility) & Pathos (Emotion), are philosophic concepts rooted in social and refers to an individual or a community and are not necessarily positive. The corporate image is a “quantitative” result of a corporate identity.
These terminus should not be confused, they are complementary but they are different. One apply to an entity, and the other to a product.

Seen otherwise:

(Ethos) LibRetro/RetroArch is an organized community of professionals, dedicated to the emulation and preservation of retro technologies.

1 Corporate identity. Hello, I’m RetroArch. With me you can play all your childhood games and much more, etc, etc …

(Logos) RetroArch is stable software, in constant development. With a pleasant, multiplatform interface, advanced features and a respectful community.

2 Corporate image. The user: Wuau !! Perfect emula, shaders, real-time translations, crt on flight, zero latency. Is incredible!!

(Phatos) The user -> The community: I like this, I want to involve, collaborate, speak well of the, promote it, make donations, schedule some core, etc …

Apologies if I extended, this gives for another topic. I think the concepts are better understood.


Now I know. And knowing is half the battle


Dunno, emulation and “emu” are quite abused in project names. Emulation is the tool, the mission is preserving games as an accessible form of art. So what’s RetroArch? A mere tool, or the key to open the door of memories? Or the highway to discover “new” (yet old) games we could not play in the days?

That’s why a prefer the “retro” term, it simply refers to a renewed category of games we like to play, somewhat of a recognizable style (in gameplay and pixel art).

RetroArch. For the retroplayers.

RetroArch. Everybody play the games.

Retroarch. Free play! (without boundaries, without platform limitations, without inserting coins)


Simple and to the point. I like it. I’ll try to come up with a few more in a similar vein over the weekend.

I am also for the idea that we should drop the technical and go for the feels.


Retroarch: Play it like it’s 1999.

Sorry, was listening to Prince earlier :laughing:

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A couple more ideas:

  • Play as you like it

  • Join the retro revolution

  • Rediscover the classics

  • RetroArch does what Nintendon’t :yum:


So has anyone settled on anything? I’ve been gone for a while

Nah, it’s just a casual “fun & games” topic.

The ideas are here if the team ever wants to use them, though.

I have an idea…

Why don’t we make it a “daily quote” thing on the site, or the forum, or something?

Something that shows up somewhere on the front page every day differently depending on the current events, and/or holiday.


That’s a neat idea, though maybe the tagline being shown wouldn’t be event-related (I guess the only event celebrated on the website is RA’s new release). But just a random slogan with each page refresh would be cool enough.

But again, this is admin’s call (not sure who’s responsible for that and if they find the idea worth pursuing).