Teaser - iCatButler PGXP support in Mednafen/Beetle PSX - no ETA yet!

See this Youtube video for a quick demonstration of before/after effects when enabling ‘PGXP’ in Mednafen/Beetle PSX.

so cool! i know mednafen/beetle is the priority, but if this could be implemented on pcsx-rearmed, that would be awesome for ARM devices (pi, vita, etc), assuming it doesn’t hugely increase the load?

I believe it only works with OpenGL rendering, so pcsx-rearmed can’t benefit with its software renderer.

I registered just to say this, great work! Thank you for the update. I can think of MANY many games that would benefit from this extra precision. Armored Core hallways might actually look like they should instead of textures dancing all over the screen. :slight_smile: