Thank you! Accepting donations?

Whether it’s smoothly outputting 1080P from my laptop to my HDTV, effortlessly picking up all of my wireless Xbox One controllers, its slick interface to quickly jump from one platform to the next and support for so many emulators and formats of games… RetroArch (and by association my laptop) is not only now a staple of my entertainment setup… but alongside my PS3 and PS4, has given me a massive and accessible gaming library that a younger version of myself couldn’t have even dreamed of.

I’m sure it’d be far more useful if I had the means to supply actual hardware or development skills… but considering I have none of those, is there anywhere I (and perhaps others) can go to try and compensate someone for helping to make my gaming dreams a reality?

If not… then please at least accept the gratitude of a gamer preparing for his bi-weekly 4-player retro gaming night with his buddies on his 55" HDTV, that would’ve been a pain in the ass (if not impossible) to do without you. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

You can donate through our page:

It’s not required, of course, and the money goes toward hosting costs, which we’ve historically paid out of our own pockets and through donations in kind from people with servers. We obviously appreciate the server space people have donated over the years but it’s led to a lot of last-minute migrations and scrambling when those arrangements inevitably fall through. Our hope is that being able to pay for our own servers will stabilize things a bit in that respect.

Anyway, we appreciate any donations and you can rest assured that your money will be put to good use.

I am also blown away by retroarch. I’m definitely considering a donation as well. This is the future of retro gaming for sure! And its unix-based. <3

I agree. This is for-sure the future of retro-gaming.

Is there a paypal adress to support libretro/itch?

have a nice weekend