Thank you Libretro!

This thread is dedicated to thank the Libretro team, a community of passionate volunteers which is improving on a daily basis our hobby.

Thanks for all your work and inspiration in this, you deserve all the best.

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Hey, thanks for the kind words! We mostly hear complaints and bug reports, which is just the nature of a support forum, so the encouragement is very welcome :slight_smile:


I must agree 110%! Awesome work! :smiley: Been using RA on Android for a while now. Building a Windows box as we speak.

Just plain awesomeness!


You guys do such a great job with such a small team. There’s almost always new fun things to check out in the frontend or cores. And it’s awesome to see new contributors help out with pull requests.

Thanks all!


Using Retroarch on PC, Wii and PSP for a while now, even got it on my phone to try it out. Really neat been able to run it on so many platforms!


Best EVER Thanks!

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This needs to be stickied and quoted for truth a hundred times. :slight_smile:

I want to take this opportunity too and chime in to express my biggest thanks to the Retroarch team. Ever since the very first versions that I had tried on Wii and PC, it was evident that this project was one of a kind, from the articulate interface to the immense convenience it offered.

Sometimes I hear people remarking the difficulty that they perceive in using RA, but I’ve never felt that way honestly. This is a program conceived by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and it shows tremendously, even by simply taking into account the amount of time, passion and enthusiasm that the team pours into it, day after day, commit after commit.

As a big retrogaming fan I can’t help but be grateful for its existance and its continued development and breakthroughs, its achievements with regards to things like video / audio sync, responsive gameplay and advanced finetuning, which again make the whole libretro ecosystem unique and unparalleled.


With RetroArch you gave me the possibility to make what I wanted since I heard about emulation back in 2001: a small TV connected console-like device with easy access to a retro game library. I am using RetroArch on an Nvidia Shield TV and a Fire TV running the beautiful XMB GUI, playlists for each system I like to emulate and the nice colorful icons for game systems and cartridges. With the great XBR Accuracy Smart Blur shader even Game Boy (Color) games with a source resolution of just 160x144 look fantastic on a modern TV without destroying details like eyes. I love that.

Thank you very, very much for all your hard work and your contribution to the open source community!

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[QUOTE=Frufo;43174]Nvidia Shield TV and a Fire TV running the beautiful XMB GUI, playlists for each system I like to emulate and the nice colorful icons for game systems and cartridges.[/QUOTE]Glad you like it :smiley:

Now that Shield ATVs have native non-root network share mounting, I can run all of my emus from a network share. It’s awesome.

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I also want to give a big thanks to you guys. RetroArch has been a saving grace in the emulation community. I really appreciate your work, especially on the Mednafen PSX core and the ParaLLel core. N64 is my all-time favorite console so seeing it get the attention it deserves in the emulation community is amazing! Keep up the great work! You guys are the trailblazers in the emulation community :slight_smile:


This thread is far too short! And just to second what Beatlemaniac19 mentioned, PSX and N64 are both hugely popular systems that have been stuck with really outdated emulator for too long, so the fact that you guys are putting the work into beautifying and simplifying Mednafen and improving Mupen64 really deserve a lot of acclaim. And that’s on top of creating a fantastic interface bringing things like unified controller mapping, shaders, fast forward/rewind, save states, and achievements to the dominant emulators in a lot of categories. Thanks for your hard work and listening to us complain!

I will add my voice to everyone else’s to thank the Retroarch team for making such a beautiful and amazing emulation project. :slight_smile:


I thought RetroArch was a promising concept when I first encountered it. I had no idea I would soon have multiple front ends with RetroArch as the foundation making everything better and easier. Having my xbox360 controls set up automatically and consistently for every system. Screen sizes. Save states. You really feel it where RA is missing. Sega Model 2 for instance… thankfully someone set up xbox360 controls for every game (they have to be done manually and individually). When I tried playing two player with some friends, it turns out that the entire process needs to be repeated for 2-4 controllers! I was an early adopter and especially with also using the MAC version, I expressed some frustration on the forum. But hunterk jumped in to help where he could, and rapid development took care of all the issues. I’m very very grateful and continually blown away by having access to so many games. Not having to worry about setting them up - they just work. I’m really excited by the announcement of 1.3.7 promising to have help messages for everything! That’s what I came to the forum today to request and it’s already on the way. Thanks!


More than happy to add a very hearty THANK YOU! for all your amazing work on this incredible preservation work. Retroarch is such an important package imho. If you had shown me this back when I was but a kid I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here it is and it rocks. :slight_smile: Amazing work.


Thanks to all developers, especially the all-in-one man- Squarepusher aka Twinaphex for every piece of code that he has done and keeping updating this awesome project!!

[QUOTE=aorin1;43104]I’m not sure why there isn’t an official thanks thread here, since it’s the only thing I can say to you guys.

Retroarch changed, and keep changing the current emulation scenario, since I got to know it, I couldn’t stop using it for emulation, everything that it can replace, I choose RA over a standalone emulator, in some cases, where there is no core available or it’s in early stages of development, I still use standalone emulators, like Saturn, GC, etc., but I know it’s just a matter of time until you guys have what you need to make it happen.

I use Retroarch on Windows and on Android, I noticed some HUGE improvements in Windows, but the Android version, man, it’s evolving really fast too, PCSX-Rearmed core is working really nice, with enhanced resolution and other enhancement options without any lags, previously under 3.4 and below, also with an older core for PCSX-R, I couldn’t play these games this way, I knew the Xperia SP could handle that, but the improvements both in RA and in its cores are really clear to me, it weights like a feather now, and all thanks to you.

I’m really excited to see what you guys are bringing next.

Thanks for all your work and inspiration in this, you deserve all the best.[/QUOTE]

Couldn’t agree with this more. Retroarch is inspiring.

Nice work on the overrides menu.

Make it easy and just write what is needed. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it, it was easier than I expected since Twinaphex had recently refactored settings for something else. Some things will still not save like input binds but we’ll figure it out.

I’m moving the override save entries to the quick menu soon btw

Hello everybody! nice too meet you.

A couple of days ago I received my first Raspberry Pi (v3), and yesterday the first thing I did with it was installing Lakka, since I am very interested in retro emulation. Everything worked well, and it was very nice to have Lakka as my first Raspberry Pi test. Thanks for this great distro and I hope I can contribute in some way to this community.

Best regards, Juan

I can’t imagine going back to my old emulation setup now that I’m used to Retroarch. I love that it’s open source and always improving, and I love the community and the developers (especially the developers) who made it all happen. Thanks!