The Closest cores Emulation to the real hardware

I want to have the best, the closest and the perfect RetroArch Cores recommendations for the following Consoles, the CPU and GPU power and Resources is not important because i want to be close to the real deal not just a casual Emulation

NES SNES Nintendo 64 Sony Playstation Sega Saturn


mesen, bsnes, mupen64plus-next with ParaLLEl-RSP and -RDP, Beetle-PSX (without HW, which introduces some bugs that aren’t there in the non-HW core), Beetle-Saturn.


Omg that was fast Thx alot buddy I’ve just assembled a reasonable PC dedicated for Retro Emulation I wanted to install Lakka which is the RetroArch’s standalone OS but i rather decided to keep the Windows 10 duo to it’s useful APIs and install the RetroArch on it and configure it as best as i can

Duo to lack of space at my home i’m unable to setup all the real hardwares i want to play so, my choice was a dedicated RetroArch PC with fresh 8BitDo Controllers to begin with

hunterk, what is missing for the beetle psx hw to become the best psx emulator?

I forgot to mention Sega Genesis I need the best core for that as well

BlastEm, though the version on the core updater has some regressions that cause graphical issues. I compiled my own build from the upstream mercurial repo and those are all fixed. Someone just has to update the libretro repo again for it to appear on the updater.

Hunterk, why mupen64-next with Parallel, and not the ParallelN64 core ?

I heard Parallel is Libretro’s own dev team core and it’s being updated every often It must be good i gotta try it

Is your build available for download by any chance? I’ve always used Genesis Plus GX and never really gave BlastEm a try.

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I think mupen64-next with Parallell RSP and RDP, and Parallell64 core are using the same rendering techniques, so performance and fidelity should be about the same, but I may be wrong. Maybe mupen64-next has more features, though.

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and More Games are Playable on Mupen64 Core

ParaLLEl-N64’s foundation is based on an older mupen64plus codebase that contains some problems that were fixed by upsteam, so Mupen64plus-Next doesn’t have those issues while still benefiting from the same ParaLLEl-RDP and -RSP plugins.

@boff The hardware renderers are HLE and, as such, are going to have issues that are difficult to fix compared with software rendering. It’s just the way it works.

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Here’s my Win64 build. The libretro repo was updated too, so it should appear on the updater soon.

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Guys Are all GPUs support Vulkan ? If not what would be the oldest GPU to do so I wanted to try the ParalelE which works with Volkan for N64 and wanted to see if my GPU would support it Which are RX 580 and also an nvidia Geforce 750 which is a cheap one, it’s DDR5 but it’s 128bit bus interface

Awesome, thank you very much!

RX 580 should be very capable. Anything that’s 8000 series or newer should have vulkan support.